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The social network aspect of SentLive is essentially made up of the following pages:

Below we look at each in turn, as well as any other pages that are not directly accessible from the menu but that are linked in these pages.


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The Activity page is the hub of the SentLive social network, containing information on various actions taken by members, SentLive news and updates, and all the posts that members have made; at the top of the stream is the main place to create your posts, although there are other ways that posts get created – one is the automatic Safety Alert posts that are born from members clicking, tapping or holding the button on the Safe Haven page, the other is ones created by members on their Profile Activity section.

Unlike most other well known social networks, the posts on SentLive are in chronological order with the most recent at the top; there is a Search facility, as well as a filter, to make finding a particular item much easier, and there are also three tabs (All Members, My Friends, and Mentions) to aid this. The filters available, when selected, will only show items matching the following categories:

  • New Members
  • Profile Updates
  • Updates
  • Safety Status
  • Friendships
  • New Groups
  • Group Memberships
  • Group Updates
  • Posts
  • Comments

Most of these are generated automatically when the actions are carried out, but their appearance of some of them on the Activity Stream will depend on other settings, such as whether a Group is public or private (see more in the Groups section).


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Your Profile page can look a bit daunting, as it includes a lot of sections and a lot of information, but once you have used it for a while it is actually quite straightforward. The sections included are as follows:

As time goes on, these sections may be changed in response to new features or member requests, and these guides will be updated accordingly.
Each of the sections has tabs that correspond to certain information or actions that can be carried out, and some sections have filters and/or buttons; for example the Notifications section has two tabs, Read and Unread, and within each tab there is a filter that can be used to find only those Notifications regarding specific things, like New Mentions (where another member has @yourname in a post or comment). An example of a button is in the Profile > Edit tab – here you can change the details of your profile, such as email address, and at the bottom of the section is a ‘Save Changes’ button that must be clicked to confirm any changes.


The Members page is a complete contrast to the Profile page, in that it is simply a complete list* of the people who have joined SentLive, showing their profile image, Username, when they were last active, and a button to either request or cancel friendship. There is also a search box to help you find someone, and a Sort facility to order members by Last Active, Alphabetically or Newest. Finally there are two tabs to show either all Active Members, or just your Friends. Clicking on the username or image of any member will take you to their Profile page.
*Members have an option in their Privacy Settings as to whether or not their Profile is listed on the Members page, so it is possible that you won’t see all the Members here.


The Groups page is similarly simple, listing all the public and private Groups that have been created on SentLive. There are also Hidden Groups but these are not shown. There is a Search box to find a Group, and a Sort facility to order groups by Most Members, Newly Created, or Alphabetically. You can also use the Create Group facility here if your plan allows it – clicking on it takes you to the Create A Group page which is described in more detail here.

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