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The Invites tab on each user’s Profile page is where you can, unsurprisingly, invite others to join SentLive. There are two additional sub tabs – Registrations and Rewards – which are detailed below. The main tab though is your Code Link; this has three methods for you to be able to send it to invite others; first there is a series of sharing icons, that are preprogrammed with your unique link, so you can click on one, for example, Facebook, to share it on your Facebook account (you will, of course, either need to already be logged in, or if you are not, a Facebook login screen will open for you to do so). There are over 80 different sharing options within this method, including virtually every social media site, and most messaging channels, from all over the world.

The next method is a straightforward link that you can copy with one click, and paste wherever you wish; and the final method is a QR code that you can either copy or save to again share wherever you want. Anyone who uses your link and registers with SentLive will be ‘credited’ to you, and you will be able to find both a total number and a list of users who have on the Registrations tab. Once this number reaches twenty, you will find Rewards in that tab; these will be special offers or other potential benefits for you to redeem if you wish. Sometimes these will be offers that extend to others in your circle that you can nominate to receive them, and generally they will be connected to SentLive, but as we grow and form partnerships with other businesses, we hope to be able to offer more and different rewards.

Our members are and will be the heart and soul of SentLive, and the bigger we can grow the community, the more we want to give back to you, whenever we can. Future plans are to add a points system based on each users actions and activities, and for these points, initially, to be used to get discounts within SentLive, but once we have sufficient active members, to join a more widespread system, such as Nectar, or a series of smaller networks, to give SentLive members more opportunities to ‘spend’ their points. When the time comes, we intend to poll our members to find out what they would like, if we are able to negotiate a deal with other businesses or networks.

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