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SentLive is a simple to use safety service suitable for all ages that will give you,your loved ones,friends and colleagues peace of mind.The service is available via an app for iOS or Android mobile devices,and on our website.It was devised by two English expats when they were living abroad,in time zones that often made communication with those back home difficult and inconvenient. However they quickly realised that such a service would be a boon for almost anyone to receive positive confirmation of the safety of those they care about,and who care about them,particularly with the unique Request A Check part of the service.Sentlive Limited is a UK registered company based in London,and operates the SentLive service,available across the world.

“We hope that you will all remain safe, and use our service to let those who care about you know that; however, in the event that you are not feeling safe, our system is designed to let you quickly and easily let them know, and further, if you are not able to respond to a check you have set yourself, or a Request A Check that one of your Contacts has sent, SentLive will notify your Contacts that there was No Response from you, something that no other service offers. Just like insurance, we hope that you will never need to use it, but it is there if you do. Stay Safe and thank you for considering our service.”

Neil and Steve, Owners, Sentlive Ltd.

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