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What are Sents?

Sents are SentLive’s way of giving something back to you, as a thank you for using the service and taking part in the community. They are similar to a loyalty scheme, in that you ‘earn’ them by being active on the site, and they can be used to get site related benefits (details below).

How to earn Sents?

The list below shows how you can add to your Sents balance, which begins from the moment you register with us.


  • Registering on SentLive
  • Friendship request accepted
  • Every Safety Alert
  • First time subscribing to the Monthly Plan
  • First time subscribing to the Annual Plan
  • Buying the Lifetime Plan
  • Every time you set a Scheduled Check
  • Every time you set a Request A Check
  • Every time you set an Instant RAC
  • Invited user registers on the free plan
  • Invited user subscribes to the monthly plan (first time only, maximum of 10)
  • Invited user subscribes to the yearly plan (first time only, maximum of 10)
  • Invited user buys the lifetime plan (maximum of 10)
  • 50 Sents for reviewing/rating SentLive
  • 5 Sents for subscribing to a Giveaway
Who can earn Sents and how can they be used?

Every registered member earns Sents, and can see their total earned and how they were earned on their Profile page, in the Sents section. However only members on a paid plan can use their Sents.
At present, Sents can be used to get discounts on our paid plans, and any other paid services we add as we move forward, but in the future we hope to offer more, such as SentLive branded garments, and our plan is to have arrangements with other services, including other loyalty points schemes such as Nectar. The details of what is currently available is as follows:

Sents RequiredBenefit
100010% discount off Annual Plan (recurring)
200020% discount off Annual Plan (recurring)
or 10% discount off Lifetime Plan
300030% discount off Annual Plan (recurring)
or 20% discount off Lifetime Plan
400040% discount off Annual Plan (recurring)
or 30% discount off Lifetime Plan
500050% discount off Annual Plan (recurring)
or 40% discount off Lifetime Plan
600050% discount off Lifetime Plan

As well as discounts, we also have a series of ‘status symbols’, in the form of Shields, which you get automatically as you use SentLive, and as you pass each milestone you also earn more Sents! These will be added to over time, and are detailed below.



1 Sent

Our starter Shield – you’re already half way there by registering!

  • Register with SentLive
  • Achieve total Sents of 10


2 Sents

Slowly climbing the safety ladder…very carefully!

  • Send 10 Safety Alerts (Safe or Not Safe)
  • Have a friendship request accepted


3 Sents
  • Have a balance of 25 Sents or more
  • Join a group


4 Sents
  • Reach a balance greater or equal to 50 Sents
  • Get accepted to a private group

No Worries

5 Sents

Crack another tinnie, mate!

  • Change profile avatar
  • Change cover image
  • Send/Reply to a private message
  • Writing a review of SentLive

Please note that to visit some links in this Guide will require you to be registered and logged in

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