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We know that many people might not understand some of the terms used throughout SentLive and in this guide, so this section is an attempt to clarify, explain and hopefully bring understanding to what we are talking about, and what SentLive can do for you. Technically, this section should be called a “glossary” but we weren’t sure if that might add to the potential confusion!

SentLive specific terms

This actually has two meanings in the SentLive universe; it is the action taken when a member taps or holds the Big Blue Button, and it is also what is sent by that action, either a Safe Alert or a Not Safe Alert.


This is the ‘Are you OK?’ message sent to a member, that is generated by the schedule set either by the member themself (Scheduled Check) or by another member friend on them (Request A Check).

Activity & Activity Stream:

These are terms referring to the page (Activity) and the list of member posts and activities (Stream) that is on that page.


This can refer to both anything that appears in the Activity Stream, and to specific items such as Alerts, and is both a name and an action (‘That was her first post’ and ‘she posted a Safe Alert’).

Page Tour:

Found on several pages of the site (but not all), this is a guided tour of the key features on that page, that can be started by clicking the button inside the orange button found at the top left of every page.

Big Blue Button & Safe Haven

Safe Haven is a page on the site that contains the Big Blue Button, which in turn is what you click/tap or hold to send alerts.

Please feel free to suggest additions to this list of words that you are not familiar with by clicking here.

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