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Broadly, there are two types of notifications on SentLive; internal and external, and this simply determines where you will see them, either while you are visiting the site or when you are not.

Internal Notifications*

These are items that will appear in the Notifications section of member’s profiles, and a member will be made aware of some, but not all, of them by a sound, and an orange number appearing next to the bell icon at the top of every page. These notifications are mainly connected to the social aspect of SentLive, so things like Friend requests, messages from Friends, Group news, but also certain items that have been posted, such as Not Safe Alerts and Safety Checks. Members will only see these if they are logged in, or the next time they log in. Clicking or tapping on the bell will open a list of notifications, and clicking/tapping on an item will take you to the notification itself; in the case of Safety Checks it will take you to the Safe Haven page to send a Safety Alert. The list can be closed on larger screens by clicking the bell again, and on smaller screens by tapping the ‘x’ in the top right corner.
You will also receive internal notifications regarding messages on the chat icon and the Welcome box, and you can find more details on that by clicking here.

External Notifications*

These are items that are generated by certain actions or activities within the site, but that are notified and delivered outside of the site either via the ‘Push’ system, email or SMS; when you first sign up with SentLive, at some point you are asked to allow push notifications; SentLive has four categories that we ask if you want to receive – Not Safe /No Response Alerts, Safety Checks, Safe Alerts, and SentLive Updates. The first two of these are also delivered internally, for reasons that are obvious when you understand the SentLive service. If you are subscribed to allow these, they will be delivered to your device(s) regardless of whether you are logged into the site. They are generally referred to as ‘Push Notifications’. On larger screens a small window will drop down asking which notifications you want to receive, while on smaller screens (i.e. mobile phones and tablets except those running iOS*) this will appear from the bottom of the screen; you can see this window at any time on any page by clicking the ‘Device/Push Notifications’ button found inside the orange button in the top left of the screen. See below for information regarding the email and SMS notifications that we currently operate.

*iOS device users please note that Apple has not yet implemented it’s own planned changes that would facilitate the proper operation of these notifications either in a mobile browser or the Web App; External (Push) Notifications do not work at all, while there is no sound on the Internal Notifications. We are hopeful that both of these will be fully implemented by the middle of 2023 and possibly sooner. In the interim we are offering Email notifications to plug the gap (see below). All other Apple devices work as intended.


These are direct internal and personal, and delivered to your Messages section in your Profile; they will most often be from other members, but sometimes they will be communications from us, here at SentLive Central. You are also notified of these via the bell icon.


If you are not aware of Emails, welcome! You are our first extraterrestrial member! Joking aside, SentLive normally sends emails to members for things like password resets, registration confirmations and other account related matters. We may also use email sometimes to notify you of system related matters, such as server downtime, improvements or similar. In addition, if we are introducing new features, new plans, improvements, fixes, or have a killer promotion to announce, email will be one of many ways that we tell everyone about it. Another way email will be used is as mentioned above – as an additional or alternative optional notification method for the same things as the Push Notifications. You can change which Emails you will receive in the following ways; via the Email Notifications button found inside the button in the top left of the screen, and in the Settings on your Profile page. The latter is only concerned with the social emails that are to inform you of similar events as the internal notifications, concerning Friends, Groups, Activities and Messages. With the recent addition of the ‘Sents’ points system, there is a separate Email preferences tab for you to choose whether you want emails concerning Sents. The emails that SentLive sends out concerning your account (e.g. password resets), and information about the service do not currently have a ‘preference setting’ but there is an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email SentLive sends out; however we would strongly advise against unsubscribing from these in the event that you lose your password!


The SMS facility is only available to members on paid plans, and currently only consists of notifications about Scheduled and Requested Checks; this may be expanded to include some or all of the other messages available via the other methods in the future. Eligible members only need to fill in their mobile phone number on their profile to receive these messages. The number of messages sent by SMS is limited to a maximum of 25 per month for all plans, due to cost, but for members who require more, we are considering offering top up packages for a fee, but this will depend on the demand from the members for this. Please note that an SMS sent to a member for a Requested Check will be counted towards the total of the member requesting the check, not the recipient. Please also note that once the monthly limit has been reached, no further SMS will be sent until the start of the next calendar month, even if a check is set. Members will be notified if they reach their limit, and will be able to see their current monthly total when visiting the site.

Please note that to visit some links in this Guide will require you to be registered and logged in

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