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There are two different types of checks used in SentLive – Scheduled and Requested. And there are two types of alerts that are generated when the Big Blue Button is used – Safe and Not Safe, with a third, No Response, generated when someone doesn’t send an Alert when they receive a scheduled or requested check. In addition to this are what we refer to as ‘ad hoc’ uses of SentLive, which are when someone taps or holds the Big Blue Button without it being triggered by a check, but by simply choosing to do so.

Scheduled Checks (Paid Plans only)

Scheduled Checks are ones that you set for yourself; they can be a single check, or multiple checks, set to start in a few minutes or at any time in the future, and you can choose either a daily or weekly check to happen at the same time every day or week, until a date that you set. What these checks will do when the set time comes around, is to send you a message asking “Are you OK?”, to prompt you to send a Safety Alert (clicking on the message takes you directly to the Big Blue Button). When you set the check on yourself, you also have the option whether and when you want a No Response Alert sent to your Friends, with four choices – Never, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or one hour without any use of the Big Blue Button. You can access the form to set Scheduled Checks either via the main menu item Set Checks, or via the Scheduled Check button on the right side of most pages of the desktop site. Neither of these are visible to Free Plan members.

Request A Check/RAC (Paid Plans only)

These are checks that you set for one of your Friends on SentLive, and have exactly the same options as above. The only difference on the form you fill out is that you must select which one of your Friends you want to send the checks to. The form can be reached either via the Set Checks menu item, and on desktop/laptop browsers the Request A Check button on the right hand side of most pages. There is also the recently added Instant RAC which sends a check to a friend immediately.


These are the messages that get posted in the Activity stream, and are directly notified to Friends if they have subscribed to receiving either Push or Email Notifications; they also appear in the Notifications in Friends’ Profile pages and the bell near the top right of the page – a sound will chime when these arrive, but only if the web app or website is open on your device at the time, or the next time you open it. The Push and Email notifications will alert you whether the site or web app is open or not. If the location service has been agreed to, Safe Alerts include a general location (such as an area in a town), but Not Safe Alerts include a specific location that can be an exact address if the services in that area are good enough. No Response Alerts, of course, cannot include a location.

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