Over the weekend we are going to be making a few changes to how the site looks as we experiment with a slightly different theme; the colours will remain similar but you should notice some differences here and there, particularly in the layout and notably in the Activity and Profile pages. It may take a day or two to complete everything, but please let us know if you spot anything that either doesn’t look right or isn’t working. Some issues will only occur on certain devices or operating systems, so please don’t assume that everyone is seeing what you are.

These tweaks will also include testing a new system to add images, videos, and audio to your posts in the Activity stream, as it has become apparent from tester feedback that the current system is a little confusing and ‘clunky’. The new system will allow you, when making a new post in Activity, to drag and drop media files on to the area below where it says “What’s new, <username>?” when using a computer, or on mobile devices to upload media files via a button (this is also available on computers). This button only becomes visible when you tap/click inside the new post box. Again, this may take a couple of days to iron out any visual issues, such as where things appear on screen for different screen sizes, and there may also be technical hiccups to deal with.

We don’t think this will have a significant impact on testing the site but it may take a little adjusting to, so please bear with us and give your feedback as to whether it looks better or not, and if it is easier to use or not. Thank you for your efforts so far, and while we would like to conclude the testing period as soon as we can, it will be running for at least two more weeks, and possibly longer.

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