SentLive has introduced a new notification system to alert users about activity that might be of interest to them; specifically, everyone will be asked the next time they visit the site if they want to receive the following notifications – Not Safe and Safe alerts from their friends on SentLive, and updates (such as this one) from SentLive. You can choose to get all of them, just one or two, or none at all. You can also change these settings at any time.

Notifications will arrive on any device (desktop computer, laptop or mobile device) that you use to access SentLive, and have confirmed allowing them, EXCEPT for iOS devices that currently only allow them for mobile apps registered and distributed with the App Store (but this is due to change soon), or sometimes on devices where the memory (cache and/or cookies) has been cleaned (however on these devices you should be prompted again to allow notifications). Until iOS allows web app notifications we plan to send SMS messages instead, if the user has both given permission and registered their phone number.

This system is in addition to the system currently in place with the bell icon.

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