How SentLive can reduce your stress

Everybody worries. And most people worry about the same general things – money, health, family, friends, the future, the present and the past.

Some of these we can do nothing about, but most can be alleviated if not completely eliminated.

When it comes to worrying about the safety of those you care about, SentLive has an easy and free system to help you reduce that stress.

Safe or Not Safe?

Once you and the people important to you join and connect on SentLive, you are all able to send safety alerts with a single tap (Safe) or tap and hold (Not Safe). Everyone you are connected to will get a notification – which type(s) they get depends on their own choices – including your location if you have approved it. The alert is also automatically posted on your SentLive social media stream, which can only be seen by those you are connected to, and appears in their stream as well.

In the event that you have sent a Not Safe alert, it will be down to those connected to you to take action; SentLive only provides the facility to inform those you are connected to quickly and simply, as well as our free private social media and messaging platform.

Free Plan

Everybody on the Free Plan can post up to 10 safety alerts per week. Maybe you have school age kids – they could tap Safe every day when they get to school, and arrive home, so both you, connected family and others know where they are and that they are OK. Or elderly relatives living on their own can check in every day to let everyone know they are alright; or if they are not, raise the alarm.

Paid Plans

All of our paid plans include unlimited safety alerts; they also allow you to request a check, either instantly, or scheduled for a future date or dates, on anyone you are connected to; they will be sent a request asking them if they are OK, and in addition you have the option to set a time limit for them to respond – if they don’t respond in that time, an automatic ‘no response’ alert is sent to everyone connected to them, to alert them that something might be wrong.

You can also set scheduled checks on yourself, with the same no response option – for example you might be travelling somewhere and can set a check for just after you expect to arrive, as a reminder to let everyone know you arrived safe, and avoiding the necessity of numerous phone calls and/or messages, as well as reducing everyone’s concerns.

There are other extra features in the Paid Plans which you can find detailed here. Paid Plans available are Monthly (£3 per month), Yearly (£20 or £30 per year), and Life (£150 one time). You can see a plans comparison table here.

Privacy and Transparency

Another stress reducing factor about SentLive is that we have strong beliefs and protections for your privacy, for your free speech, and your control of everything connected to your account on our platform.

As already mentioned, only those you choose to connect to can see your posts – if someone you are connected to becomes a problem for you, you can simply disconnect from them.

You can choose how private you want your profile to be, including not being visible by anyone, and not being shown in the list of members – then only people you become friends with will know you are even on SentLive.

You can also block individual members from sending you messages on our internal message system. And you can report individual members if you think they are breaking the terms and conditions of joining, and we will investigate.

You won’t find any ‘bots’, sponsored posts, or unwanted ads on SentLive, unlike the other platforms you might be on. If we ever decided to allow ads on the platform, we would include an option to hide them.

And finally, your data is also safe with SentLive; we will never sell any of your information to anybody. In addition, the safety alerts you send are only stored for three months on our secure servers before being completely deleted. And any member can request the complete deletion of their account and all data we store, such as email address, photos, and anything else they have submitted while using SentLive. We want our members to feel safe in every way.

Stress, stress go away, we just joined SentLive today!

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