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The SentLive Concept

The driving force behind the whole concept of SentLive has been safety, or rather the serenity brought about from knowing that others are safe, as well as the chance to act if you know they are not. Rather than just waiting until someone is in trouble though, our aim is to get everyone to regularly affirm that they are safe when they are, so that as well as being able to act when someone sends ‘Not Safe’, we actually check on them when they haven’t sent their regular ‘Safe’ alert – kind of like an inverse version of the concept of ‘pre-crime’ (seen in the movie ‘Minority Report’ with Tom Cruise) where police arrest people before they commit crimes – SentLive is aiming to prevent someone getting into a dangerous situation before it happens.

The Concept In Practice

The overriding goal was to achieve the concept in a practical way that anyone of any age would be able to use, which meant that it had to be as simple as possible, and that is how the Big Blue Button was born. One click/tap for Safe, and hold for Not Safe. We are pretty sure that it can’t get any simpler than that. There are obviously visual aids to enhance this, with the button changing colour (Green = Safe, Red = Not Safe), and the relevant words showing as well, and we have added an audio component as well, so that there is a different sound depending on which action you take.

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