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What personal data do you collect and store?

We collect and store the following information:

  1. Your Name.
  2. Your E-mail Address.
  3. Your mobile phone number (if supplied; it is not required to use the service)
  4. Any other information that is added to your Profile
  5. All Data relating to usage of the Sentlive App and Service, including but not restricted to GPS Location, Frequency of Use, Dates and Times of Use, Purchases, Credit/Debit Card Details, Messages and Notifications, App Settings, Type/Make of Mobile and Desktop Devices and Types of Browser used to access the service. Some of this data will be held on our behalf by the companies we work with to provide some of the features of the service, such as payment gateways and push notifications.
    You can find more details regarding privacy and data use in our Privacy Policy, and Terms Of Use
What is this data used for?

The major use of any data collected is to operate and improve the service; we will also analyse the data to improve our marketing and promotional efforts. In the future we hope to partner with third parties who will allow us to both inform their customers about our service, and allow them to offer their products or services to our users, although our aim is to only partner with companies offering quality and good value, specially tailored to our users. We will also aim to ensure that our users will always have the option not to receive such information, or can stop receiving it after previously opting to do so. Again, more details regarding privacy and data use are in our Privacy Policy, and Terms Of Use

Am I going to be bombarded by e-mails?

SentLive know how annoying this can be, and you can be assured that the only e-mails we send will either be directly related to our service (e.g. confirming your registration with details) or informing you of changes or promotions. Many of the service related emails can be turned off in the settings related to your account, and you can also make a direct request to stop them. If we do partner with any third parties to offer our users special offers of their products or services, the first e-mail will be from us telling you about it, which you would then need to click a link in that email to get further details, and then opt in to the third party’s e-mails should you so choose. These links to the special offers may also appear in subsequent SentLive e-mails, but only so our users don’t have to search through their Inbox to find the original email, or in case they had deleted it and then changed their mind.

I would like my children to use the SentLive service – is there any special procedure for them to do so?

SentLive will always attempt to comply with the laws in place regarding data privacy, and in particular in relation to children. We also want to ensure that the internet, and in particular our service, is a safe place for children. We believe our safety service is particularly useful for children and their parents, but the very nature of the internet means that we have no way of monitoring the ages of anyone registering to join us, even if we insisted on Date Of Birth being provided at registration, which we don’t at present. However we will monitor the site, particularly the Activity Stream, for any behaviour by members that we are concerned about in relation to children, and will stamp on anything that is either unlawful or suspicious, or is against our policies, either by banning the member(s) concerned and/or reporting them to the appropriate authorities. The registration procedure will hopefully deter many of those who have ill intent, and we also have strong methods in place to check that details provided are valid, but we will have to be constantly vigilant, and our members, particularly parents, will be able to assist us by reporting anything they observe on the site that concerns them. Parents (and guardians) can also play a part by monitoring their children’s internet activity, Paid memberships are much easier to monitor as the act of payment means that a parent or responsible adult is much more likely to be involved (or at least be aware), and also much easier to verify because of the information provided. If any parent or guardian has any concerns, or has seen something on our site they want to report, we encourage them to do so using the various contact methods we provide.

What is, and isn’t allowed to be posted on the Activity Stream and in Groups?

Anything that can be seen publicly by any member must abide by the laws of the country it was both posted from and in general, the countries it is being viewed in, but on a more general and less legal note, the way that SentLive works is not the same as most other social media sites; to start with, the Activity you see will only come from your Friends on SentLive, so you have direct control – if someone that you are Friends with posts something that you think is wrong, there are a couple of things you can do immediately;
First, you can contact them directly via the message system to ask them about what they posted, and where necessary, ask them to delete it;
Secondly, you can remove them as a friend;
Finally, you can contact us about it if you believe that the post is either breaking our terms and conditions, or more importantly, breaking the law. SentLive will not tolerate nudity or anything explicitly sexual being posted that will appear on the Activity Stream, which is one of the reasons why Hidden Groups are available; almost anything goes for those, although anything that is actually illegal will again not be tolerated, and Group admins and creators must be mindful at all times of who their members are – if we discover anything that we deem to be breaking the rules, we will take action, up to and including immediate bans and closing groups down.
As regards the words that can be used, we hope that everyone will avoid using vulgar language in the public areas, simply because children might be reading (or watching in the case of any videos posted) but this is not a punishable offence unless it is repeated excessively after being warned; other than that, we are very much in favour of freedom of expression, and nobody will be punished for expressing an opinion, as long as it is within the law.
Being offended by what someone says or how they say it is not good reason for us to intervene, and we will always tell such complainants to cancel the friendship and thus prevent seeing any such posts again. A good rule of thumb that we hope all our members will consider before posting anything is – would I say or show this in public in front of a crowd of people, my parents or my children?
We also will not bow to any agendas or campaigns that are mounted to ‘cancel’ someone; if someone breaks our rules, we will deal with them as we see fit. If we see evidence that someone is being hounded for no good reason, we will punish those hounding the person. Each issue will be judged individually, and any punishments will be with regard to both previous actions on the site, and how serious the issue is in our opinion. The most extreme internal punishment would be a permanent ban on an individual using SentLive at all, and any such ban would also cancel any membership without refund. An individual could also be reported to the relevant authorities if it is thought that they have broken the law. In lesser cases there are a number of options available to us, but ultimately we hope that none of this will be necessary. Please also note that there is no appeals process – once we make a decision to punish someone, that is it, so be careful about both what you post, and making spurious accusations.

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