The messaging system in SentLive allows users to chat one to one, or with several users on one chat, and can be accessed in a couple of ways; either through the Messages tab on your Profile page, or on larger screens, a white bar on the bottom right of every page, and on smaller screens, a little chat icon at the bottom right of every page. The system is similar to other messaging apps, although at present it is text chat and file sending only, without a video or audio call option. Message Notifications When new messages arrive, you are…


Sents are SentLive's way of giving something back to you, as a thank you for using the service and taking part in the community. They are similar to a loyalty scheme, in that you 'earn' them by being active on the site, and they can be used to get site related benefits.

Invites and Rewards

How to invite others to join you on SentLive, and the rewards that are available for doing so.


What are Groups and how to create and use them

Data, Privacy & Children

Information about what data SentLive collects and stores, what it is used for, and how it is treated with regard to privacy and children

Plans & Payments

The different plans SentLive offers, how to upgrade or downgrade, how to pay for our paid plans, and some information about gifting

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